5323 Rulebook (V3.5.2)

Hello everyone!

With the original release of the rulebook this season we have listened and relooked over the various suggestions and questions you have put forward to us. I am happy to bring you the hopeful final update for the 2023 season. This is a google drive link as many reached out preferring that but once open you can still download it to your various devices.

Some quick patch notes for the original and new changes

-Unarmed/Grappling. As stated before please read over this section as there is new additions to bringing unarmed back this season.

-Respecs! We are working on a new recording system and new email for all of you to send in requests. You can send your requests to Llama via the website until the new update. More information will be gathered and posted for you all soon.

-Poisons! Ways to remove poison have been restored (Antidote, Teas etc.) and cure also removes the poison effect. Goblins and others who had poison resist have that restored to what is was.

-Rogues also have a new poison crafting, introducing poison strikes! In this post is the new effect but we ask rogues to check out their latest tree, for resist purposes this is a weapon delivered strike with the effect call “poison”.

Poison Effect
Character cannot regain HP while under this effect, the poison persists through the death effect. The revive and resurrect effect still bring the target character back to life and to the amount of health as stated by the effects but they cannot gain HP past that amount until the effect has been removed.

We understand with rulebook changes there can be confusion with abilities and new things being added. We ask players do their best but if there’s something you don’t understand please reach out or comment down below any comments, questions or concerns.

I thank you for your continued patience, cheers!

-Jason Stanley, Rules Officer


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