5323 Season Calendar

Greeting Citizens of Nerd Town,
Here is the tentative calendar for the up-and-coming season.

The names of missions might change, and there will be more information added as we get closer to opener. As you can clearly see the first Saturday of every month says no event. We have decided to have a break once a month to recharge. This will have several benefits. It gives staff a break. It will also allow people to plan personal events without the fear of missing out. It will also give everyone a break from the chaos. As past years have shown, as the season progresses the stress of the game builds, and the game slowly becomes more and more encompassing. So for the benefit of all we will break it up a bit.
You will also see that the arcs are now spread out and overlapping. This is to give the year a more fluid feeling. You will also see there are Flex missions. These are missions that can change based on player actions. They might be an unlocked mission or story, a one off or an additional mission, for any of the chosen arcs. More information to come.
One new thing to look for this coming season is the Secret Mission Board. There will be a board at gate house with objectives for each of the main churches. They will have some additional goals each mission for each church. More information to come.
Finally, if you have a story you wish to tell or introduce. There are Day in the Life and One-Off mission slots to fill. Please contract Storyline if you wish to write a mission. There is also a general call for GMs and Co Gms. Each roll has rewards and benefits. More information to come.