5324 Rulebook (V3.5.5)

Some changes discussed last season may be saved for the next edition or tested through the year so we can see how it interacts with the game.

All changes are in BLUE and you can find a changelog at the end of the rulebook. If there are any comments, questions or concerns then please comment below.

For respecs you may send them to advancementmc@gmail.com and will follow rules as intended. (Page 30)

Global Effects

The Death/Restoration/Medicae effect will be staying as a global effect for now and we test it further into this season, details listed below.

Death Effect

Whenever a High Guild character dies (Reduced to 0 HP) they permanently lose 1 HP Max, to a minimum of 1. This lost remains until it is restored by the restoration effect (See restoration effect).


Whenever a High Guild Characters’ Hp is reduced to 0. (From damage or effect) The Characters normal Hp max is reduced by one. It may never drop below one. “Normal HP Max “is defined as the total HP a character has been granted by class, leveling choices, resurrection ritual loses and Darkest increases. Potion, relics, and other buffs are not affected by this reduction. Meaning they are added after the HP loss.


A HG 1 Sorcerer with a Normal Hp max of 3. They have died 5 times. They now have an Hp Max of 1. They drink a Potion of Strength and now has a HP Max of 2, while the potion is in effect. They dawn a Helmet for a further +1 HP Max, because wearing a helmet is cool. So now they have a HP Max of 3. Even if they die again their Hp max is 3. Unless the potion ends, and the helmet is removed in which case they would be back to 1 HP Max.

Ways to retuned lost Hit Points

Currently there are only two ways known to the pcs.

1) Pcs will naturally have 1 HP restored per calendar week. Regardless of play.

2) Visiting the designated Medicae (Healer’s hut). Where Pcs will roleplay going under treatment to have their HP restored. (See Medcae below). Players will not need to memorize the medicae rules. They will be informed by the healers what actions need to be taken.

There will be Six other ways to have lost Hp restored. Players will have to learn or discover them IC on the field. Once discovered it will be made public for all players.

New Effects

Restoration Effect

A Characters Hp Max is restored by the number stated after the Restoration call is made. Example, with the call “Restoration 1”. The character would then have 1 HP max returned. They cannot exceed their natural maximum, granted by class, leveling ect. The restoration spell can NOT be enhanced or bought through normal means, find out more IC.

New Town feature


The medicae is a location on the field within town where trained healers can heal the wounded. The medicae will be marked with a banner and with an open and closed sign.

If the medicae is closed, it is closed. It will be unavailable to heal wounded characters. Regardless, if there are characters trained and available to run it.


The healer will ask the wounded character how many wounds (HP loss) they must work on. Asking any details of what weapon caused it and where they were hit will add to the roleplay.

Healing Mechanic

The time it required to “heal wounds” (Restore lost HP) is 1 minute for each HP to be restored, plus 1 minute. After the treatment is complete, the PC must Recover an equal amount of time. Recovery roleplay does not have any mechanical hinderances. Characters during recovery will have props, such as bandages and slings. Once the recovery time has elapsed the characters lost HP is restored. They may now remove the bandages and act as normal (Please return props and bandages to the medicae). Recovery time only occurs if Characters are healed at the medicae.

Healer Rules

A healer will be required to use medical tools and instruments and have their own wound or injury props. They must also provide their own bandages and medical supplies.

A healer can only treat as many people as there are “beds” or healing spots set up. This includes those undergoing treatment and those in recovery.

Not every character can treat the wounded. A Character must go through 10 lessons and be signed off by a designated trainer before they can treat wounded characters at the Medicae. Additionally, they may only treat other characters if the medicae is open.