A New Era Begins

Hello All!

For a game with Chaos in the name we should be used to change by now. And we have another change to announce to you today.

Our illustrious leaders, Jared and Asti, have chosen to take a small step back from the running of Medieval Chaos. They will remain in control of the financial aspect of the game, but the day to day management of the game has been placed in my hands. This change left me as the sole person at the top of the organisation.

As I have said on many occasions, I do not want that. As a community you deserve more support, as does our Volunteer Team. There was already a plan in place to restructure the “executive” level of MC Leadership. I have had to accelerate this plan due to current choices and I am happy to announce that new structure to you today.

So, with the powers vested in me, I announce your Directorship Team (DT):

Jason Stanley as Artistic Director (AD) ( admc5324@gmail.com )

Nathaniel Doherty as Production Director (PD)

( Mcproductiondirector@gmail.com )

Peter Abrahams as Managing Director (MD)

( gmmc2023@gmail.com )

Asti Williams as Managing Consultant

We are still putting the final touches on things (I did mention this was supposed to happen next year, right?) and we ask for your patience, grace, and support and we move into this new system.

The long and short of it is this. Each Director will oversee particular aspects of the game that fall into their lanes. For example, the AD takes care of Storyline, Rules, and, well, the Artistic portion of the game. The PD takes care of the functional side such as Safety, Bar, and Facilities teams. Leaving the MD to look after the community aspects like Player Success, our online aspects, and heading up Discipline, among other duties. Final details will be made available in the coming weeks as the team completes its structural work in the background.

This change will not affect the game in terms of scheduled events or player fees. Please do not take this as an open floodgate to send in your suggestions, comments, and complaints. The DT are still just volunteers, players, and members of the community and value our everyday lives as well. There will be plenty of time for feedback once we have settled into our roles. We are already hard at work!

This change will create some openings in the Volunteer Team, so stay tuned for announcements on that. As always, if you want to help out please let us know and we can find space for you on the team or on game days.

So, on behalf of the Directorship Team; Thank you and we look forward to helping the game develop and thrive in the coming years.