Church Secret Orders Board

One new thing to look for this coming season is the secret mission board. There will be a board located at gate house with objectives for each of the main churches. They will give some additional goals each mission. It is completely optional and is for fun.

Instruction on the board will read as follows

This is the Church secret orders board, hopefully every mission there will be some objective placed behind each card.

To view a card, you must be a member of that faith, and display the holy symbol openly on your person. A player may only look at one card per event. Regardless if you are playing more than one character today or belong to more than one religion. You may only look at one.

IC You are given these orders in a manner decided by you, a raven, a messenger, a drop point, whatever you wish. Be creative.

Completing these objectives is completely voluntary. There may be rewards in the future. Have Fun.

Gatehouse area

As such with the Plot/Mission board, Secret mission board, the bank, The Gm table, Game of Realms area and the table for waiver signing. The Gatehouse building will be solely for these departments and staff. Please find another place to hang out and get into kit. Feel free to hang out around the building just not on the building.