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Greetings Citizens of Nerd Town,

Back again (even if a little later then normal), the chance to be a dedicated PC/NPC!

What is a dedicated PC/NPC?

Basically, if a player commits to playing an NPC for an entire story arc, they will be given PC priority for an entire future story arc. Being a dedicated NCP for a whole arc is a great way to expand your RP abilities and allows you to flesh out other characters you might not want to try as a PC. When you are part of a dedicated NCP team, the story really comes alive, and it opens the door for those whole groups to come back in the future. It also allows friendships and bonds to form after spending so many weeks fighting along side the same people. And since you only need to focus on one kit, you can really give it your all!

The story arcs are running a bit different this year, instead of all at once they are split up over the shorter season. We have GATEBUILDERS and ELF WARS. If you choose to commit to being an NPC for one you are guaranteed a PC slot for the other!

Please only commit to one of these dedicated slots if you plan to attend all the events. They are shorter runs this year and its not fair to secure a PC slot for future events if you don’t make your NPC shifts! Obviously, life happens suddenly sometimes, and we’ll take that into consideration if you can’t make an event, but try to tell us ahead of time if you can’t make it.

Dedicated PCs and NPCs slots are limited and most may already be filled, but contact your Storyline team if you want to lock in your spot! Players not signed up to a dedicated roll will be placed on whichever team needs the most bodies as per normal, depending on what the GM of that event needs.

Choosing regular NPC slots:

Facebook has removed the options of polls within events, making it harder to keep track of whom wants to do what. Please check out the event for each mission you want to attend, and if you plan to NPC comment on the NPC thread. Letting the GM know in advance is helpful for balancing the teams and allows them to plan for contingencies. Lets do our part to help out our amazing GM’s!

Dedicated NPCs for Arcs:

Information about the dedicated NCP arc rolls is below. If you are interested in being a dedicated NPC comment below with your first and second choice!

Elf War (5 Missions):

Each NPC will require a bandana or a sash of each of the following colours : Red, Blue,Green,Yellow. There are several Kingdoms involved and this will help differentiate yourselves without having to change your entire kit. The second purpose for the bandanas is to cover people’s ears and facial hair. If they have facial hair and/or don’t have elf ears. If no one can see it is not there or it is there. -Wink- **Bandanas are expected to be provided by the player. We might have some available, but its best if you try and supply your own. Sashes can be provided by the game. Please don’t use sashes as bandanas**

Kit Requirements:
Elven Rangers and Warriors:
Colours: Greens and Browns
Weapons: Swords and Bows -Lots of bows and arrows-
Classes: All

Elf Diplomats and their Retinue (Non-Coms):
Colours: Greens, Golds, Browns and Yellows. Fancy Cloths
Weapons: Dagger/None

Most of the diplomats have been chosen but their retinue have not. They are dressed similar. These spots will be given to Non-Coms first and then filled from there.

Camp Crew (Non-Coms):

There isn’t a specific kit requirements but dressing in greens and browns would be great. Your job will be to manage the camps special effects. Rolls will involve set up and some walking around but no combat. Camp Crew also get a Crew Point on top of their NCP AP point!

Gate Builders (4 Missions):

The Builders:
Kit: Blue head wraps and white robes with blue highlights.**roles have been filled**

The Gatherers (Non Coms):
Kit: Any colour head wrap and robes.

Kit: Black or whit head wrap. Robes of any colour.
Class Options: Fighters, Mages, Rogues **limited slots, first come first served**

Monsters of the Planes:

Kit: I am going to leave it up to the players. It must be a monster and it must be reasonable. It is preferred that it be scary and serious, but others may be accepted as well so please contact Storyline. Your stats will be given to you upon approval. (Subject to change for balance) This would be a great time to bring out a interesting monster you have been wanting to try.

Please comment below which arc you would like to NPC and which NPC type you would prefer. We cannot promise you will get it but we will do our best.

Lastly a Call for GM’s and Co GM’s:

With the way of the world we might run into scenarios where the GM and even Co-GM are unable to attend due to illness. We will need backups and back-ups for the backups! No experience? No problem! We won’t throw you into the water and tell you to figure it out. We will pair you with veteran GM’s and provide training. Most missions are already written out and provided, you wouldn’t need to worry about that. If this sounds like something you would be interested in please reach out to the Storyline Team!

Todd Conrod Samantha Gledhill


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