Game of Realms Book Patch Notes

Thank-you to everyone for your continued patience as we find balance in the games!

As people send in their army and building feature updates, we are going to be providing new sheets, automated, so players and kingdom leaders will have an easier time tracking their achievements and rewards.

If anything was missed or you notice an error please let me or Nathaniel know 🙂

-Kingdom points from winning an army battle have been removed. Rewards for winning a battle have changed.

-Points earned on tournaments last until the end of the next event, following said tournament. If they are not distributed by then the points will be lost, please inform a GoR staff via raven or in person where you’d like the points to go.

-0% Tax is now allowed for kingdoms.

-GOR Tokens have been added to the book. If you find a black coin with GOR please find a Game of Realms staff for a prize!

-Kingdom features can now be built as much as you’d like if your kingdom has the applicable resources. They will be added to your sheet at next month end to replicate building time.

-Special units now provide the building when the 10 applicable items have been collected and turned in. Airships, no matter what level, will have the same airship dock.

-Note: Warehouses are a global storage of 10,000. If you have 5,000 of one resource that is half of your storage, so they are essential in expanding into the future.

-Border has been removed from affecting upkeep costs. The total upkeep for the kingdom which must be paid in Platinum (PLAT) is determined by 5% of your total army value, kingdom features and special units when applicable.

-Stability has been added replacing morale. This is a flat value instead of a percentage. There is a basic list of gain and loss, more detail and options will be added later on including a randomized chart of effects every month.

-Travel time has been updated. Travel time will only be affecting armies this season, trade for resources will happen via the trade section in the sheets but won’t need to travel. You can use ships and wagons to help your army travel faster but keep in mind if they aren’t at your kingdom, they can’t protect it if attacked.

-Retraining a company makes that company unavailable one month per level of training it has but doesn’t cost any mp.

-Airships are moved back to 10 parts per level. (10 for a skiff, 10 plus a skiff for a corvette, 10 and a corvette for a battleship)

-Holy orders may now retrain a specialty at the cost of 1 holy order scroll and 1 month of being unavailable for retraining. They ignore the prerequisite for a building on one of their specialties

-Dragons hibernate updated.

-We are working on balancing out passive peasant gain to be moved away from sign ins so our gatehouse officer has less leg work. (Not in book yet)

Jason Stanley, Game of Realms Officer

Nathaniel Alexander Doherty, Game of Realms Marshal

Steve Chester, Game of Realms Admin

A special thanks to Todd who continuously helps us with the book and on-field play.

All info found in this book is subject to change.


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