Game of Realms Rulebook

Hello everyone! I am pleased to release our first draft of the new Game of Realms rulebook ! This version features some of our largest changes in years; introducing buildings, infrastructure , and resources.

Our goal for this season is to work with all of you, to bring detail and life to the Kingdoms you have brought to this game. We will focus on elevating the current Kingdoms while creating space for new ones. Weekly kingdom games will remain the same so keep on earning those kingdom points and rock those colors!

All changes have been made in purple. As we work on numbers and the new registry sheets we’ll be releasing a couple more updates. Keep an eye out for future posts and changes to get the most out of these new features!

Thank you for your patience 🙂 We promise no one will be left behind on the latest updates and changes. If you have questions or concerns please reach out to the Game of Realms team .

Cheers nerds!

Jason Stanley, Game of Realms Officer

A thank you to Nathaniel Doherty, Steve Chester and Todd Conrod for helping make this book!

p.s. This is a living document, so we suggest using the online version and save yourself the paper on printing it all out !


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