Important Updates – Feb 2022

Greetings Citizens of Nerd Town. The first of many important updates as to how things will operate this season. I give you our adjusted age to play and when spectators are welcome on the field.

Age Change:

As of May 2022 all new players at Medieval Chaos will need to be 19+ to play. For the safety of all members on the field, and to limit our liability, every player will now have to be the age of majority in BC, and sign their own waivers.

Of course, there are some players that an exception will be made for. If you, (or your child) was an active member in 2019, in the 10-18 age bracket, then you (they) will be considered for Legacied ** status. **This is a term akin to “Grandfathering” , but without the racist connotations !

If you or your child will be affected by this rule change, please email or message Asti Williams or Jared Qwustenuxun Williams to apply for an exception.

Every exception will be considered on case-by-case basis, though we aren’t expecting to deny any standing member. Factors such as : age of player, length of membership, participating parents, rule infractions ect. , will all be considered with every applicant.

Tournament Days: These events will now be the only opportunity for spectators and persons under 19 to participate in Medieval Chaos (with the exceptions listed above).

We’ve made changes to our Hold Harmless for Pregnant/Under 14 players and it is now a Hold Harmless for Spectators. It’s a drastic change but now streamlined and DE-gendered in it’s language.

We are all really looking forward to seeing all of you on the field again this season!

– Jared Williams El Presidente de Medieval Chaos


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