Massive Info Dump

Whether you are a brand new player or a seasoned vet, please read over the following guild for your time at Dagger Deep while attending Medieval Chaos. I know its a big information dump but please take the time to read it. It’s all relevant and useful. Being in violation of any of these things, and claiming ignorance, won’t be a defense.

WATER: Everyone is expected to bring a water bottle this year. Please choose one that looks IC, no logos or glass. We will not be supplying any cups for drinking. Water jugs will be located at Gatehouse and inside the C&A as usual. Please be mindful as you fill up your cup/bottle, not to rub your mouth piece on the spigot. If you have a compromised immune system, you might want to bring a large enough personal supply that you don’t need to use the dispenser.

GARBAGE: Please pack out what you pack in. The garbage cans at Gatehouse are there for bits of tape, empty potion containers, empty bottles of spirit glue/make-up and other assorted mission related garbage. Please do not put take out trash from your vehicles in these cans! Players that own a uterus, please use the cans provided in the bathrooms for all your period products. Ash cans in the smoke pits are not to be used for garbage. When you see small bits of trash on the ground please don’t ignore it, pick it up!

FIRE: We take fire safety very seriously at Dagger Deep. Only certain players have permission to touch/start/tend the fires or light candles at Medieval Chaos. Niki Elora Millar is in charge of fire tenders. If you think you should be on the per-approved list speak with her. Note, we keep the list small to minimize risk not because we don’t trust you!

PETS: Other then our resident dogs, no other animals are welcome at Dagger Deep. We walk out dogs there every day, but try to keep them to outer fields when we have guests. If you do see our dogs, please don’t seek them out. If they come to you, you are welcome to pet them! DO NOT FEED THEM ANYTHING!

SMOKING: Smoking is ONLY permitted in 2 locations. One is an IC smoke pit near the large burn pile in town, and the other is on Cedriks Pass, past the Seacan. When using the smoke pit in town remember to stay IC! There are ashcans in both locations, use them. Vapes are only allowed in the designated smoking areas as well. Cannabis is only permitted at the Cedricks pass smoke pit. People caught smoking elsewhere will get ONE educational warning, second strike they’re asked to leave.

DRINKING: During tournament weekends The Cock&Ass Tavern sells alcohol. All other MC events are dry. This is to satisfy conditions of our insurance. Players caught with a personal supply will be told to leave. No BYOB at any time.

PARKING: Don’t park like a jerk. Consider the space around you and how others will be able to get in/ out based on where you park. The average space is 9 feet wide, please don’t take up more then this when you park. When the lower lot is full, a sign half way down our road will be flipped to indicate the need to use overflow parking. Make sure an ambulance could still pass through at all times. Unloading at Gatehouse before parking in overflow is fine, as long as you won’t take more then a few minutes. There are a few reserved parking places, please don’t park here at any time. If you have an accessibility placard please get in touch with Asti Williams to have a space reserved for you. Do not park on the hill leading to Gatehouse at any time.

WILDLIFE: We are a wildness playground and there are other things that live here, like a giant resident black bear. If you see him, back away slowly and he should leave you alone. Also, not all of the land that we walk though or play on is owned by Asti and Jared.. We have over 200 wonderful acres to play on, but we don’t own it all. Have respect for the land everywhere you go. If you are out on a mission and you come across locals, move along and leave them alone.

OUTHOUSES: Returning this year are 2 plastic port-a-potties set behind the seacan. These are rentals so please no IC funny business. They will be cleaned weekly (YAY!). We have a new supplier this year and there may be less t.p. in there then we need. If you notice it’s low PLEASE let Niki Elora Millar know right away so no one gets stuck in there without the paper. Thanks to the dedicated work-day crew we will also have brand new locations for all the outhouses in town, just as soon as its dry enough out to finish digging the holes.

COVID: Everyone must make the risk assessment for themselves before they arrive. Masks are a personal choice, wear them if you want. IC ones are best but if all you have is a blue surgical mask that’s OK too! Everyone on the field is required to have at least two vaccinations and not be sick. Don’t be a jerk. If you’re sick, stay home. We’re rolling with the honour system but will make everyone show their Vax Pass at Gatehouse if we think anyone is trying to sneak in.

THE QUEENS GARDEN: Don’t eat the Queen’s food or its off with your head!


Stakuyah’s grave site. Our dog has been buried in the graveyard at the Deep, since it was one of his favorite places. I expect everyone to make a conscious effort to be respectful to his resting place while at MC. Paying resects if you knew him is fine, but please do not involve his grave site with any IC business.

**Edit 2**
Speed Limit 10km/h: 
The posted speed limit is 10km/h. Failure to drive at this respectful speed will require you to park at the log jam. If that doesn’t fix the issue you may be asked not to return.

As always, please don’t be shy with questions. Post them here or PM to Asti Williams

Thanks everyone!


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