Payment/ Fees for 5323

Citizens of Nerd Town,

Today I announce something truly exciting! This year we will have DEBIT at the Deep!! We now have a moneris machine that will allow you to use debit, visa, or mastcard for your payments at Gatehouse. This terminal will also be in use during tournaments, in the Cock&Ass for liquor sales.

Cash will still be accepted for fees and in the tavern, but we do encourage the use of cards to limits the touch points for our dedicated Gatehouse/Tavern/Finance team 🙂

This year we have adjusted our fee structure, removing the tiered payments for seasons pass and arc blocks, and will only offer a per event drop in. The new cost for drop in with be $20 per event, raised $5 from 2019. As always, your first 3 visits to Medieval Chaos remain free!

addendum: Your first 3 FREE events to Medieval Chaos do not apply to tournaments. Cost for tournaments is $20, children under 10 are free.