Staff Code of Conduct

The positive changes we have embarked on for our game and our community don’t stop at the staff room door. All members, regardless of position, will be held to a higher standard of conduct. So we wanted to share with everyone the newly drafted Staff Code of Conduct.

As staff for Medieval Chaos everyone is required to emulate the behaviors we expect from all players and set the example for them to follow. You are representatives for the business and the game and thus will be held to a higher standard when it comes to conduct, behavior, and upholding rules.

When you have a large group such as ours, inter-personal issues are bound to arise, but it is your duty as staff to try and put personal feelings aside and treat all players with courtesy and respect. Everyone deserves civility in all interactions. You are owed the same in return.

Staff members who use their position of authority to bully, belittle, or yell at other staff or members of the player base, will be removed from their position, and may be asked not to return to the game. As game representatives you are there to guide the players and show them the behaviors we expect.

As we strive to remove all negative aspects from our game, our staff won’t be an exception. We can’t expect the player base to behave one way when they see the staff able to act another.


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