Welcome to Dagger Deep

He gripped his dual mace’s tightly, the leather grips creaking with every flex of his fingers. Closing in on him from all sides, frost giants, angry, blood thirsty, their kin lat motionless, lifeless at the lone travelers feet, their blue blood stained the now blunt ends of his dual mace’s, his weapons of choice. “shit” he cursed under his breath as they grew closer, the summer air around him started to drop in temperature. He had never seen a frost giant before, these new lands held many surprises. If, by some miracle, he got out of this alive, frost giants would go on his list of species to avoid. He could feel the weight of his weapons now, the three frost giants he had already killed, had taken a lot more effort then he was used to. Coming from the land of dragon’s, the only thing you really needed to avoid was dragons, since they ate everything else. “Rip him limb from limb” a growl escaped from one of the frost giants, his breathing visible in puffs of cold air. “oh great, they are intelligent” he spoke to himself. They closed in another step, weapons at the ready. As a battle dancer, space was needed to move around skillfully, and by the looks of their movements, these frost giants knew that.

“Lets do this then!” the traveler shouted as he rushed the frost giant closest to him. A horn sounded, causing the traveler, and frost giants to pause. Moments later, a group of heavily armed men and women rushed the clearing, the traveler ready himself for the new opponent, but the passed him as if he was not even there, and made quick work of the surrounding frost giants. All but one. The last standing frost giant charged the traveler, knocking aside all those who tried to cut him down. The traveler readied himself for the attack, but a blur of red cut in front of him, and forced the frost giant back as its weapon bounced off a large red shield. A man, dressed in black and red Armour stood before him, sword in one hand and mighty shield in the other. The frost giant got to his feet and retrieved his weapon, a very apposing looking club, recognition flashed in the beast’s eye’s “Red King” he growled. The frost giant attacked, bringing his club down hard, once again it was blocked by the mans shield, a second club came from nowhere, a sneak attack, but it too was blocked by the Red Kings sword. Both hands occupied, and no other way to attack, the Red King brought his forehead into the frost giants with a mighty force, both stumbled backwards, slightly dazed. The frost giant regained his composure first, and charged, the king went to block the attack, but his weapon was knocked from his hand. Spinning around the frost giant, he bashed his back with his shield, causing the giant to stumble. Both spun around to attack again, the giant raised his mighty weapon above his head to bring a death blow down onto the disarmed Red King. The giant froze in mid attack, silence ripped through the forest. All eyes on the frost giant. In his middle stuck out a short sword. It took the traveler a moment to piece together what had just happened. The Red King had pulled the short sword out from behind his shield, and with a mighty toss, lodged the weapon deep into the frost giants gut. Blue blood stained the forest floor. The frost giant dropped to his knee’s, an with a dyeing breath, cursed the Red King, an all his men, before dropping to the ground to join his brother’s in the realm of the dead. “Marcus! Report?” the Red king called out. “All men accounted for your majesty” a voice called back. The traveler kneeled just feet from the fallen frost giant, completely confused. “Are you alright stranger?” the Red King asked holding out a hand to help the traveler to his feet. “I am. Thanks to you and your comrades” he spoke softly, unsure if these guys were friend or foe. “You did not do so bad yourself” The Red King said eyeing the three frost giants the traveler had killed before the Red King and his men had come to his aid. “You are not from around here are you?” The Red King asked, kneeling down beside the dead frost giant “I am not” the stranger replied. “Well..” the Red King said, gripping the handle of his short sword and pulling it from the frost giants guts, “Welcome to Dagger Deep.”